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Introducing the pT2-500 microphone preamp and instrument direct-in. The pT2-500 is an API™ 500 series compatible module that incorporates our new-technology Type 2 circuit design. Our Type 2 design provides the traditional ultra-resolution musicality of our original design preamps, but adds serious analog depth and warmth. In short: It sounds BIG! 

The new DI circuit calms piezo transducers and provides a THRU jack for easier re-amping and multi-effects. 70dB of gain, high-headroom, low-noise, amazing sonics. If you haven’t heard TRUE preamps before, you might want to start here!

Pro/Project Studio, Portable Recording

• API™ 500 series format
• Ultra-resolution combined with serious analog depth and warmth
• 70dB of gain (dual range), exceptional headroom, low noise
• IN and THRU jacks for signal splitting applications
• Insensitive to ground noise and EMI
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