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Yardstick 2492

Yardstick 2492
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Yardstick 2492
2492 Features:

both high density and low coloration at the same time
stunning sonic transparency
subsonic option ("DC transparency") for thunder and earthquake effects
2 in / 2 out mode (standard QRS plug-in @192kHz)
2 unique phase-insensitive input channels
up to 2 separate output channels
or 1 stereo output pair with 50% correlation (adjustable)
up to 4 front panel bargraph level meters
24bit / 192kHz for all I/O signal paths (±12.5% Varispeed)
floating-point DSPs for unlimited internal dynamic range
low latency <<1ms
Mute, Bypass, and Solo functions from hotkey menu
embedded click test generator
a total of 3 front panel operating elements
up to 15 plug-in banks for software
web browser-based remote control over Ethernet (includes web apps for iPad + iPhone)
MIDI (remote control, total recall, dynamic automation)
USB (preliminary)
calendar clock with automatic timestamping of user presets (free running or as an NTP client)
tiny cool-running unit, no fan, 19" 1PU, just 36mm (<1½") deep
internal power supply (100-240V, 50-60Hz), power consumption <14VA
Design team headed by the designer of the legendary 1982 QUANTEC QRS.
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