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Pro Tools ¦ Sync X

Pro Tools ¦ Sync X
Pro Tools ¦ Sync X

Precision synchronizer for music and audio post production.

Keep your Pro Tools system and connected devices all in sync and running smoothly–no matter how complex your setup. Pro Tools ¦ Sync X serves as the backbone of any audio post or large music production, providing reliable low-jitter clocking, sample-accurate lock to timecode, and precision frame edge alignment. It supports all industry-standard clock sources, pull up/down rates, timecode rates, and HD/SD formats. And its onboard video reference signal generator enables video peripherals to be locked directly, streamlining your production environment.

• Loop Sync I/O

• Word Clock I/O (1 in, 6 outs)

• 10 MHz Clock in

• AES3 and AES3id I/O

• GPIO, Bi-Phase/Tach in, Pilot in


• MTC out

• 9-pin (for machine control)

• Video Reference Generator (4 outs)

• Video Reference I/O (1 in, 2 outs)

• Host Serial port

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