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MF65 Premium Ribbon Microphone

MF65 Premium Ribbon Microphone
MF65 Premium Ribbon Microphone

With unparalleled sound, attention to detail, and craftsmanship, the MF65 is an instant classic, combining State of the Art technology with a completely original and innovative design, the MF65 sets a new standard for High End ribbon microphones.

We have created a microphone with the bottom end response ruler flat down to 20 Hz (-0.43 dB) and the most extended high frequency response ever seen in figure eight ribbon, exceeding well beyond 25 kHz. For an unprecedented top end and balanced frequency response, the company’s owner and chief engineer, Dr. Mark Fouxman, has created one of the most advanced motors with the shortest front-to-back path ever seen in a ribbon microphone. For design efficiency the motor is an extension of the main body, integrating the two into one cohesive structure.

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