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Raised “Face-Up” Rack - Two Bay

Raised “Face-Up” Rack - Two Bay
Raised “Face-Up” Rack - Two Bay
Designed for the musician and sound engineer who wants his processing gear close at hand and able to be rolled away or stowed under a work surface.

The "Raised Leg Option" raises the height of our standard Face-Up Rack so the front of the rack is a "Very Ergonomic" 21" high. Perfect for composer workstations or any side car application. The Raised Face-Up has 12-rack spaces (per rack bay), and provides great equipment visibility, placing the controls literally at your fingertips. The wide handle and rubberized, heavy duty casters make it very easy to maneuver.

A slotted bottom provides ample air flow and a fabric covered, removable rear access panel makes wiring easy and helps reduce unwanted acoustical reflections. To personalize your "Face-Up" rack, navigate "CREATE YOUR RACK" and choose your options.
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  • Model: Raised “Face-Up” Rack - Two Bay
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