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StudioLive RM16 AI

StudioLive RM16 AI
StudioLive RM16 AI
Versatile and flexible for live and recorded sound.
Equally at home in houses of worship, schools, broadcast facilities, live venues, touring rigs, and recording studios, the PreSonus® StudioLive® RM16AI rack-mount Active Integration digital mixer is a versatile and flexible solution for live sound and recording. These versatile 25-bus mixers offer 16 analog inputs and an additional 16 digital inputs via FireWire, AVB, or Dante™ for a total of 32 input channels, expandable up to 64. StudioLive RM16AI mixers are flawlessly integrated with state-of-the-art software and boast an integrated multitrack recording interface, advanced AVB or Dante networking, and multiple control options. Yet they’re easy to use, with a workflow that will let you focus on mixing, without being distracted by the technology.
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