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Flamingo Junior

Flamingo Junior
Flamingo Junior
The Junior model uses unidirectional single diaphragm large size capsule VD26. Microphones sound conception is based on vintage tone with some modern add of transparent highs, optimal vocal presence and fundamental low frequency register.
The Flamingo Junior Series studio microphones are side-addressed unidirectional microphones designed for professional audio recording where sound quality and musical character is of the utmost importance. The Junior uses a single-diaphragm cardioid electrostatic transducer, providing vintage tone with transparent highs, optimized vocal presence and fundamental low-frequency register with minimal proximity effect. The acoustically transparent head construction reduces internal resonances, optimizes the polar pattern and keeps sound details as close to unaffected as possible. There is an integrated shockmount within the head and an external compact studio shockmount included to reduce stand rumble, outside infrasonic interference and mechanical shocks.
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