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Splice MKII

Splice MKII
Splice MKII

-4-In-1 Compression - The Splice™ MKII's unique circuitry mode switching allows the user to configure the audio path circuitry between classic Blackface and Blue Stripe modes, or mix and match the two to create completely new sounds, unique to the Splice™.

-Discrete transistor audio path with w/ Class A transistor output circuitry
-Transformer Balanced Input & Output
-Stereo Linkable w/ front panel switch
-External Send & Return w/ front panel switch
-"All Buttons In" / Slam Mode front panel switch
-True Bypass (Relay Controlled) w/ front panel switch
-Integrated Mix/Blend Control w/ switchable bypassing for in-the-box parallel processing
-Integrated Active Sidechain Filters
-Switchable 600R Output loading allows the user to easily optimize the Splice™ for use with both vintage and modern equipment
-45dB of Gain (with no limiting)
-Attack Time - 20 to 800 Microseconds
-Release Time - 50 Milliseconds to 1.1 Seconds
-Compression Ratios - 2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1 & Soft Bypass (BP)
-True VU meter w/ meter buffer circuitry
-Integrated Linear Power Supply
-115V/230V compatible (User selectable on rear panel)
-Backed by a 2 Year Warranty
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