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MPA575 - Without Output Transformer

MPA575 - Without Output Transformer
MPA575 - Without Output Transformer

Variable Input Impedance Transformer Coupled Discrete Mic Pre, EQ and Program Dependent Compressor



  • Lightly Colored Sound That Perfectly Complements a Wide Range of Mic Types
  • Discrete Mic Pre-amplifier
  • Equalizer with Broad Frequency Response Shaping
  • Soft-Knee Variable Ratio Compressor with Program Dependent Attack/Release
  • Dedicated Compressor Sidechain Filter
  • Low Cut Filter, Continuously Variable Between 30 Hz and 400 Hz
  • User Selectable Input Impedance for Shaping Audio Tones
  • Transformer Coupled Input / Output
  • JFET Input/Class A Output 2-Stage Amp Design
  • Low Noise and High Headroom for Wide Dynamic Range
  • Extended Frequency Response with Ultra-Linear Phase Response
  • Excellent Pulse Response for Smooth Tones
  • Combined Input Attenuator / Gain Adjustment for Optimal Noise Performance and Dynamic Range (No Separate Input Pad)
  • Buffered Output for Optimum Load Isolation and Current Drive Capability
  • Variable Output Level Control Using Long Life Noiseless Level Control Pot
  • Overload Indicator Accurately Detects Distortion to Ultrasonic Frequencies
  • Highest Quality, Audiophile Grade Components

The MPA575 is Ingram Engineering's foray into the 500-series format. It features a lightly colored mic pre-amp, compressor, and a unique EQ with combined low and high frequency control that allows broad tone adjustments with a single control knob. Together, they form a mini channel strip that performs all essential analog signal processing functions needed before committing audio to a recording medium. The MPA575 is ideal to use as a standalone mic interface or in combination with full featured hardware or plug-in compressors and EQs for more surgical audio processing.


Audio samples showcasing the Ingram Engineering MPA575 are linked below. Additional samples recorded using the MPA685 are located here.


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