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Brand: DACS Model: Audio Test Lab
The new pocket-sized DACS Audio Test Lab is now shipping. With this great new Test Lab, it is no longer necessary to spend time wondering if a cable is corrupted when you can plug it into this audio test lab tool, and know instantly. This is a unique, one-stop fixing solution for all pro audio engi..
Ex Tax:$549.00
Brand: DACS Model: Clarity HeadLite 3 B
DACS have made some significant changes in upgrading to their Clarity HEADLITE 3, creating a new look and adding features, while retaining the HEADLITE’s renowned sound quality and flexibility in use. DACS custom made knobs and minimalist graphic design highlight the..
Ex Tax:$760.00
Brand: DACS Model: Clarity HeadMaster
Seamless Switching and Superlative Sound A professional studio monitor controller is not simply an over-grown volume control. In addition to regulating overall monitoring levels a controller must also provide swift and seamless switching between various signal inputs and between a choice of monitor..
Ex Tax:$1,750.00
Brand: DACS Model: FREQUE II MK2
DACS FwS FREQue II Hearing is believing The FwS FREQue II (pronounced “freak”) is a genuinely new and inspirational analogue effects processor.The Effects:With low frequency modulation inputs:Simple to complex autopan effects, gating, amplitude modulation, flanging, spatialisingWith mid frequen..
Ex Tax:$1,631.00
Brand: DACS Model: MICAMP II
If a microphone amplifier adds anything more than clean gain to the audio, whatever that extra is, it becomes an integral part of the recorded signal. This addition is extremely difficult to remove. On the other hand, if anything is subtracted from the audio, it is irretrievably lost. No amount of p..
Ex Tax:$2,044.00
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