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Brand: AEA Model: A440
With the release of the A440, AEA has synthesized more than 30 years of experience with high performance microphones. The A440 is the quietest ribbon microphone ever produced. The A440 combines all the warmth and beauty of the classic 44, both sonically and visually, but with a signal so hot you'll ..
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Brand: AEA Model: A840
With the A840, AEA introduces the active version of its award-winning R84 microphone. The A840 flatters strings, woodwinds, drums, piano, voice, and much more with the ease and grace that only a Big Ribbonâ„¢ mic can deliver. Now with phantom power, you now have a lot more flexibility in your choic..
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Brand: AEA Model: KU4
How is the KU4 different? The KU4 is unmistakeably a ribbon microphone, with a characteristically smooth ribbon sound. Like other ribbons, its lightly-tensioned, ultra low mass ribbon has a frequency response beyond 20 kHz, an accurate transient response, and no upper midrange resonances common t..
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Brand: AEA Model: N22 NUVO
The Missing Link In Your Recording - Specifically designed for singer-songwriters, musicians, and home studios. - Bridging the gap between the top end clarity of a condenser and the classic tone of a ribbon. - Phantom-powered electronics for optimal performance with any preamp. - Highly prote..
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Brand: AEA Model: R44C
The AEA R44 series microphones all share the authentic sound, feel and look of the 1936-38 RCA 44BX. They combine the 1930s US sound with British engineering from RCA that reduces the mic's weight and hum sensitivity. The R44 series microphones are all hand-crafted replicas in detail, using parts th..
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Brand: AEA Model: R44CE
The R44CE is the value edition of the R44C. It comes with a black transformer case with white emblem logo and one-piece cushion mount, satin nickel grill and formed steel yoke with a satin nickel finish. The R44CE comes with a captive three-meter starquad XLR output cable and AEA 44VC vertical carry..
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Brand: AEA Model: R84
The AEA R84 is an affordable Large Ribbon Geometry (LRG) microphone suitable for use by the most demanding audio professional or hobbyist. This "R84 Zone" is for you and other users to share your experiences. We expect to expand this area with practical illustrations, guides to tracking situations, ..
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Brand: AEA Model: R88
The R88 mk2 is optimized for recording instruments and ensembles in stereo. The R88 uses the large ribbon configuration of the classic RCA 44 series mics, which gives the mic solid 20Hz bass response and a smooth high end which is flattering to complex tones. There is no easier way to track in st..
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Brand: AEA Model: R92
In the past few years AEA's acclaimed R84 Ribbon Microphone has become a new studio standard. Now AEA has once again expanded the sonic possibilities of ribbon mics with the R92 Ribbon Microphone. Reduced proximity bass boost and excellent wind blast protection make it suitable for close micing (6-1..
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Brand: AEA Model: RPQ2
The AEA RPQ2 Ribbon Preamp with Curve-Shaping provides two channels of high-quality, high-gain, low-noise microphone preamplification, and unlike the TRP provides phantom power for active electronics. Particularly well-suited for use with ribbon microphones, it delivers the speed, precision, quietne..
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Brand: AEA Model: RPQ500
The RPQ500 module, designed after the successful RPQ preamp, provides the same ultra-clean, high-gain signal path that has earned AEA preamps their great reputation, in a 500 series package. The RPQ500 has been enhanced with additional features, turning it into a workhorse tool for your API 500 comp..
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Brand: AEA Model: TRP
The AEA Ribbon Mic Preamplifier is an ultra high-gain and impedance, minimal-path FET mic pre designed by Fred Forssell. This low-noise two-channel preamp is for ribbon, moving coil, and tube microphones that do not use or want phantom power. This allows for improvements in minimal path circuitry an..
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