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Serpent Audio

Brand: Serpent Audio Model: Chimera
The Serpent Chimera is a faithful replication of the classic LA3A design, available for the first time in 500 series. Featuring an all discrete circuit design, class AB transistor output, true T4B optical cell, and transformer balanced input & output, the Chimera delivers that thick, rich, & smooth ..
Ex Tax:$1,399.00
Brand: Serpent Audio Model: SB4001
Building off of the very popular SB4000 DIY Compressor, the SB4001 pushes the limits and sets new standards for the 500 Series Format. Boasting Quad VCA's, 6 ratio's, 10 Attack Times, High Pass/Boost/Slope Sidechain Filters, Wet/Dry Blend Control, External (Key) Input, Classic Stepped Release Settin..
Ex Tax:$1,299.00
Brand: Serpent Audio Model: SEND N' BLEND
The Serpent Send N’ Blend (SNB) is a dedicated Mix/Blend control module, available for the first time in 500 series. It enables the ability to add a mix/blend function to any piece of outboard gear, allowing for out-of-the-box parallel processing. Typical applications are for parallel (aka New York)..
Ex Tax:$499.00
Brand: Serpent Audio Model: Splice MKII
Highlights: -4-In-1 Compression - The Splice™ MKII's unique circuitry mode switching allows the user to configure the audio path circuitry between classic Blackface and Blue Stripe modes, or mix and match the two to create completely new sounds, unique to the Splice™. -Discrete transistor audi..
Ex Tax:$1,899.00
Brand: Serpent Audio Model: Splice SA76-500
1176-­‐style FET compressor (Mono) -­‐ 500 Series..
Ex Tax:$1,299.00
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