Serpent Audio

The Serpent Chimera is a faithful replication of the classic LA3A design, available for the first time in 500 series. Featuring an all discrete circui..
Ex Tax:$1,249.00
Building off of the very popular SB4000 DIY Compressor, the SB4001 pushes the limits and sets new standards for the 500 Series Format. Boasting Quad V..
Ex Tax:$1,099.00
The Serpent Send N’ Blend (SNB) is a dedicated Mix/Blend control module, available for the first time in 500 series. It enables the ability to add a m..
Ex Tax:$429.00
Highlights: -4-In-1 Compression - The Splice™ MKII's unique circuitry mode switching allows the user to configure the audio path circuitry between ..
Ex Tax:$1,599.00
1176-­‐style FET compressor (Mono) -­‐ 500 Series..
Ex Tax:$999.00
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