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Brand: Coles Model: 4038
The Coles 4038 Studio Ribbon Microphone was designed by the BBC as a broadcast recording microphone with exceptionally flat frequency response from 30 Hz to 15,000 Hz. The Coles 4038 provides a natural, smooth sonic quality and textured response to the sound signal. A 4069 XLR Connector and Rigid Mi..
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Brand: Coles Model: 4040
The 4040 combines a bold look with greater output and a wider frequency response, the Coles 4040 is sure to compliment any studio microphone cabinet. The 4040 comes complete with internal shockmount that can be secured for transit, an adjustable, universal stand mount, and a rigid case for storage...
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Brand: Coles Model: 4050 SM
4050 Stereo Ribbon Microphone with Single Shock Mount The Coles 4050 is the first stereo microphone designed by Coles Electroacoustics. The Coles 4050 is not only a stereo mic, but it transforms from its stereo configuration into two completely separate mono mics. The mount has magnets that allow t..
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Brand: Coles Model: 4104 PTT
Noise Canceling Commentator's Ribbon Microphone With Push To Talk Switch..
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Brand: Coles Model: 4104B
Coles 4104b XLR Noise Canceling Commentator's Ribbon Mic was also designed by the BBC for use in reproducing high quality commentary speech from noisy surroundings by canceling out a considerable degree of background noise. It is being used by all major U.S. networks and their affiliates in broadcas..
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Brand: Coles Model: 4115
The Coles 4115 Noise Canceling Ribbon Microphone is designed to deliver audible, crystal-clear speech in high noise environments such as warehouses, aircraft, sawmills, power stations and more. The 4115 features a highly sensitive ribbon transducer optimized for close talking. Its high directivity y..
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