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Brand: Samar Audio Model: AL95 Premium Ribbon Microphone
We are pleased to announce our newest Samar AL95 figure 8 passive ribbon microphone. Years of perfecting ribbon transducers, and experience in machining and making them exclusively in house have allowed Samar Audio to create a microphone of ultimate performance for a price that is unheard for a comp..
Ex Tax:$399.00
Brand: Samar Audio Model: AL95-S
Two passive ribbon microphone with figure 8 pattern - configured as a matched stereo pair..
Ex Tax:$899.00
Brand: Samar Audio Model: AL959
Passive ribbon microphone - Stereo version of AL95..
Ex Tax:$1,299.00
Brand: Samar Audio Model: TF10 Premium Condenser Microphone
The heart of the TF10 is a unique proprietary cardioid capsule designed by the company’s owner and chief engineer Dr. Mark Fouxman. The capsule is a single sided 3-chambered design. The 1st and 2nd chambers shape the capsule’s frequency response, and the 3rd sets time delay. This 3-chamber independe..
Ex Tax:$1,499.00
Brand: Samar Audio Model: VL37 Premium Ribbon Microphone
The VL37 tonal balance combines a vintage vibe with a modern sound, creating a unique but affordable recording tool. Its bi-directional, figure 8, symmetrical polar pattern is perfect when used on drum overheads, choir, piano, violin, orchestra, brass instruments, vocals, acoustic and electric guita..
Ex Tax:$999.00
Brand: Samar Audio Model: VL373 Premium Stereo Ribbon Microphone
The mission statement for the VL373 was to create a ‘true to life’ stereo image and this we have achieved by placing two ribbon elements in very close proximity to each other effectively minimizing any phase distortion up to very high frequencies. The VL373 is essentially two VL37 microphones in one..
Ex Tax:$2,199.00
Brand: Samar Audio Model: VL373A Premium Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone
As with all of our microphones, the VL373A is entirely handcrafted and meticulously assembled using parts made exclusively in house in our US shop.It has a Stainless Steel body and comes in a US made wooden box and anti-vibration shockproof clip.The VL373A high SPL handling, built in pop filter and ..
Ex Tax:$2,399.00
Brand: Samar Audio Model: VL37A Premium Active Ribbon Microphone
The VL37A is an active version of VL37 and brings its sonic performance to a new level. Specifically designed for extremely low noise it opens up a new territory of applications, notably classical music, broadcasting, movie, and studio recordings. Because of its condenser-like output level, and beca..
Ex Tax:$1,199.00
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