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Brand: HEDD Model: B1-DANTE
The HEDD Bridge – Paving the Way toward Digital Connectivity in Studio Monitors Today, a number of digital protocols have become established constants in various audio sectors. While they certainly exhibit different advantages, they all essentially focus on the transportation of audio..
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Brand: HEDD Model: Type 05
Studio Monitor HEDD Type 05 The Type 05 model is a real multitasker. Its strong performance, digital connectivity, and compact size turn it into the ideal choice for mobile broadcast stations, recording studios, multichannel-setups, and VoIP conferences. The Type 05 is based on a 2-way-sys..
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Brand: HEDD Model: Type 07
Studio Monitor HEDD Type 07 Our Type 07 studio monitor could be described as a classic nearfield monitor speaker, although that would not nearly do justice to its versatility and powerful sound. On first glance, this model’s standard size and classic setup with a 7” woofer and a HEDD ..
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Brand: HEDD Model: Type 20
Studio Monitor HEDD Type 20 The HEDD Type 20 is a fully-fledged 3-way-system stuffed into a sleek and small footprint cabinet. It gives you the best of both monitoring worlds: convenient dimensions to easily fit the speakers into compact recording, mastering, or sophisticated home studios and t..
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Brand: HEDD Model: Type 30
Studio-Monitor HEDD Type 30 The HEDD Type 30 is an exceptional midfield monitor that will satisfy all your professional studio needs and desires. Whether as a full range audio monitor in an elegant studio space or in broadcasting contexts, this 3-way-system based monitor is an ideal p..
Ex Tax:$3,999.00
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