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176 Limiting Amplifier
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Brand: Retro Instruments Model: 176 Limiting Amplifier
176 Limiting Amplifier Introduction The Retro 176 is based on a Bill Putnam classic, the UA 176. The Retro 176 faithfully reproduces the sound of the 1960s original with new features for the modern recording studio. The Retro 176 provides one of the most desirable compression signatures i..
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Brand: Retro Instruments Model: 2A3 Dual Program EQ
Introduction Vintage Tube Amplifiers and Custom-Designed Transformers set the soundstage. True Passive Equalization creates Bountiful and Musical Equalization curves. The new RETRO 2A3 is designed as an ultra High-Fidelity Program Equalizer whose sonic benefits go beyond the equalization proc..
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Brand: Retro Instruments Model: Doublewide II
The DOUBLEWIDE II is a single-channel compressor that installs into two slots of a standard 500 series rack yet it requires only 130-milliamps of current—just like the original Retro DOUBLEWIDE compressor. Also retained from the original are the gray painted front panel, high-quality US-made Simpson..
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Brand: Retro Instruments Model: OP-6 Portable Microphone Amplifi
The RCA OP-6 has been the behind-the-scenes ‘Holy Grail’ tube preamplifier for ribbon microphones for well over 60 years. Its almost endless headroom and gain are legendary, as is the extremely thick, rich tone imparted by its unique design. The OP-6 was used on some of the greatest recordings ..
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Brand: Retro Instruments Model: Powerstrip
Powerstrip Recording Channel Product Description The Retro Powerstrip recording channel is a high powered "channel strip" or "vintage studio in a box", capturing the tone of a tube mixing desk, Pultec-style tube EQ and British tube compressor all in one compact 2u rack unit. It has all t..
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Brand: Retro Instruments Model: Revolver
The Retro Instruments REVOLVER - A Revolution in a Rack. When you first put your ears to the Retro Instruments REVOLVER, you’ll hear some very legendary compression, an ingredient many have kept secret. You will hear lively and vibrant dynamics, the same you have imagined for your own project. No..
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Brand: Retro Instruments Model: Sta-Level
Introduction The Retro Sta-Level is a replica of the legendary 1956 Gates Sta-Level. The Sta-Level dominated the sound of hit radio in the 1960's. Now these super musical sounding compressors have found their way into today's hits. The Retro Gold Edition celebrates fifty years of the products..
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Brand: Retro Instruments Model: RETRO 500PRE
 We took the circuit topology of the Sta-Level and packed it into a single width 500 module. The 500PRE three tube gain stage exhibits the same detail and depth. As with all Retro products, the feeling of the musical performance is delivered with the Retro Instruments 500PRE. Distortion, N..
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