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Dave Hill Designs

Brand: Dave Hill Designs Model: EUROPA
Dave Hill Designs is proud to introduce a totally unique design concept in microphone pre amplifier technology, The Europa One. After years of design to prototype to production we feel the recording industry is ready to experience a feature packed Europa One! Included are the standard functions su..
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Brand: Dave Hill Designs Model: RA
RA is a Nonlinear plug-in for the professional Audio Engineers that demand the most from their plug-ins. The plug-in can be thought of as an amplifier that is being over driven, (Wave Form Compression), but there is control over what part is being overdriven. An analogy from photography, it is lik..
Ex Tax:$499.00
Brand: Dave Hill Designs Model: TITAN
Titian is an analog compressor-limiter with a very large range of color and control choices with recall. The main audio path is a discrete class A design. Resetability is attained by using stepped controls and encoders that have their values displayed on Titian's color LCD display. Titian is a di..
Ex Tax:$1,699.00
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