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Avenson Audio

Brand: Avenson Audio Model: Headphone Amp
Originally made for in-house testing of the STO-2 microphones, the Headphone Amp is designed to bring out the best in your headphones. The convenient 10 inch long desktop form factor, high power and transparent operation make it ideal for any high quality headphone reference system. Two outputs all..
Ex Tax:$750.00
Brand: Avenson Audio Model: MidSideR (full rack)
The new Mid-SideR came about as a response to hearing several requests from users of our original Mid-Side encoder/decoder box, and implementing them into a full rack space. First, we’ve added every bypass option we could think of in this Mid-Side processor. In addition to our overall Main Bypass, t..
Ex Tax:$950.00
Brand: Avenson Audio Model: STO-2
The STO-2 is a pressure transducer. So are your ears. No Coincidence. We started out looking for a natural sounding mic and this is what we came up with. Sold in matched pairs, (two ears right?) the STO-2’s are perfect for capturing instruments that need no flattery. With a matched pair, stereo i..
Ex Tax:$550.00
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