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Useful Arts

Brand: Useful Arts Model: BF-1
The BF-1 is an all-purpose interface for any instrument with a pickup that enhances clarity, detail, audibility and dynamics whether used between the instrument and amp, the instrument and a PA or recording device or all of these at the same time. Whatever you plug into it just sounds better. This..
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Brand: Useful Arts Model: SFP-60
The SFP-60 is a two-channel, full-featured all-tube mic pre designed to make microphone signals pop in a mix without the need for other enhancement. We view the microphone and the preamplifier as a single unit - the signals coming out of a microphone are useless by themselves, and we only know what..
Ex Tax:$3,499.00
Brand: Useful Arts Model: UAA-SFP-30
ONE-channel, full-featured all-tube Class A mic preamplifier w/variable second-order harmonics, over 270 volts of clean, regulated power to ensure maximum headroom and the lowest noise possible. Note: No DI input, Table-top unit...
Ex Tax:$1,299.00
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