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Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Edge Solo
Edge Solo is a high-quality single-capsule large-diaphragm condenser microphone by Antelope Audio. Combined with Antelope’s cutting-edge modeling technology, it allows users to emulate the world’s most iconic vintage microphones with uncanny accuracy.The Edge Solo features modeling that was performe..
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Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Goliath HD | Gen 3 + Edge Duo
The all-purpose I/O includes 16 mic preamps, with accusonic modeling, 2 analog inserts, 8 instruments inputs and additional 16 analog inputs (over DB25) with 124dB dynamic range, 32 analog outputs (over DB25) with 129dB dynamic range, 2 transformer ReAmp outs, 2 headphone outputs (a total of 38 anal..
Ex Tax:$7,295.00
Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Orion32+ Gen 3
EXEMPLARY AD/DACutting-edge AD/DA converters with up to 129dB dynamic range.SUB-MILLISECOND LATENCYTrue sub-millisecond latency for playback and recording, achieved via ultra-stable Windows Thunderbolt™ driver.REAL-TIME EFFECTSAn essential pack of circuit-level gear emulations, running in real-time ..
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Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Orion32HD Gen 3
INDUSTRY-LEADING AD/DAWith its phenomenal 136dB of dynamic range (measured at Monitor Outputs), Orion 32HD | Gen 3 offers the industry's finest AD/DA conversion.LOW LATENCY OVER HDXWith HD, HDX & HD Native connectivity, Orion 32HD | Gen 3 achieves low latency and compatibility with HD systems.FL..
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Zen Tour Synergy core
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Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Zen Tour Synergy core
Best Seller Zen Tour + AFX2DAW plug-inSave double when you purchase an Antelope Zen Tour Interface. Besides saving because of the reduced price of the Interface you will also receive the Antelope AFX2DAW for free on Top! With AFX2DAW you will be able to use the 70+ onboard FPGA FX of the Zen To..
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