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Brand: Merging Technologies Model: Pyramix MassCore Extended
PYRAMIX MASSCORE EXTENDED When Track count starts to matter as well, and you not only need to guarantee blisteringly low latencies, but also immense I/O capabilities, then MassCore Extended is the choice for you. With extended track count possibilities (3x that of MassCore Pro!) along with and addi..
Ex Tax:$4,885.00
Brand: Merging Technologies Model: Pyramix MassCore Pro
PYRAMIX MASSCORE PRO If you are a professional, then get the Pyramix pack designed for you. Not only do you get the advantages of MassCore’s power and low latency, but you also get almost every advanced software tool Pyramix has to offer. MassCore Pro also offers truly extended 3D. Able to create s..
Ex Tax:$4,075.00
Brand: Merging Technologies Model: Pyramix MassCore Standard
PYRAMIX MASSCORE STANDARD When latency starts to count and being able to rely on a stable, proprietary DSP engine is what your studio needs… MassCore is the answer. Pyramix MassCore Standard comes with a basic set of software features along with possibly the lowest guaranteed latency from In->Out e..
Ex Tax:$2,656.00
Brand: Merging Technologies Model: Pyramix Native Essentials
PYRAMIX NATIVE ESSENTIALS A low cost version for any Pyramix user, this version brings the basics without having to spend on any bells and whistles. Perfect as a craft editor, basic mastering station, field recorder or any other smaller endeavour, Pyramix Essentials is a great tool...
Ex Tax:$731.00
Brand: Merging Technologies Model: Pyramix Native Pro
PYRAMIX NATIVE PRO When you need more power, more tracks and higher sample rates, you need to go Pro. Pyramix Native Pro offers and extended feature set for use in music and music mastering as well as post production for radio film and TV, matched with sample rate support up to 384 kHz and DXD/DSD2..
Ex Tax:$3,061.00
Brand: Merging Technologies Model: Pyramix Native Standard
PYRAMIX NATIVE STANDARD The perfect tool for acoustic music production, radio production and mastering. Pyramix software is the award winning workstation used by most of the world’s most respected acoustical sound engineers. With Pyramix Native, Merging Technologies brings you all the tools you wil..
Ex Tax:$1,440.00
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