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Brand: Heritage Audio Model: MCM-8 MK2
In 2015, Heritage Audio set a new standard in 500 Series enclosures with the addition of the OST technology. Further, we introduced the MCM8, a true transformer-based voltage summing mixer for 500 Series modules.Hundreds of units later, we have taken all our customer´s feedback and included it in th..
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Brand: Heritage Audio Model: OST10
The OST-10 is a 500 Series enclosure in a 3U Rack format, able to accommodate up to 10 modules. As the rest of the new Heritage Audio line of 500 Series enclosures, it features “ON SLOT” Technology (OTS).“ON SLOT TECHNOLOGY” takes advantage of last generation power electronics to handle power supply..
Ex Tax:$699.00
Brand: Heritage Audio Model: OST6
Heritage Audio is pleased to announce the latest addition to its already successful line of 500 Series Enclosures. Featuring On Slot Technology, the OST-6 is able to deliver up to 1.8 Amp per rail, or a maximum of 400mA per rail per slot,whichever is reached first. Connections on the back are by me..
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Brand: IGS Model: Panzer 500
The IGS Panzer 500 is a 10-slot enclosure for 500-series modules. It will allow you to configure your favourite set of tools for studio or field recording, as well as small home recording setup. It doesn't matter if you're going to fill it up with your favourite microphone preamps, EQs or compressor..
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Brand: Purple Audio Model: Sweet Ten Rack
Many manufacturers, including past Purple Audio prototypes, use linear power supplies for their racks. Traditional wisdom holds that linear power supplies are ideal for audio and generate less noise and interference. However, in the case of a 10 slot series 500 rack, even a well designed linear pow..
Ex Tax:$900.00
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