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Brand: Sterling Modular Model: 500 Series Single Bucket
1) Can accommodate (4) 500 series racks.. 2) 1/2-ru rack space perforated (thermal vent) plate between each 500 rack. (1/2 ru rack rail is an exclusive Sterling Modular product). 3) 8-3/4" (5ru) desk surface which can be removed and replaced with any rack mount fader pak. (Rack Rail is included). 4)..
Ex Tax:$2,695.00
Brand: Sterling Modular Model: Plan A
The “Plan A” Console Based on the original groundbreaking consoles that were built for Sterling Sound NY*, Masterdisk, Absolute Audio and more. The Plan A was the first (pre-engineered) console designed specifically for the acoustically critical mastering environment. Very low profile Maximum air ..
Ex Tax:$2,649.00
Brand: Sterling Modular Model: Plan B
The “Plan B” Console This is the Plan A with the addition of one additional rack (pod) section. Buy it complete from the start or expand your Plan A as your needs expand. The modular structure of the Plan Series design allows you to expand, down-size or customize your rig without purchasing an enti..
Ex Tax:$3,479.00
Brand: Sterling Modular Model: Plan C
The “Plan C” Console The Plan C console features the same generous gear capacity as the Plan B. The wrap-around shape optimizes your ability to view and adjust the controls while keeping you in the critical sound field. The console is angled at 30 degrees (the optimum L-R speaker angle), which hel..
Ex Tax:$3,589.00
Brand: Sterling Modular Model: Plan D
The “Plan D” Console Created for audio production environments that utilize small format consoles like the Avid (Digidesign) Command 8, Mackie Onyx / Pro FX12, and the many other desktop control surfaces. It is designed with a low rear shelf for the monitors, which reduces the acoustical profile o..
Ex Tax:$3,695.00
Brand: Sterling Modular Model: Plan E
The “Plan E” Console The Plan E is similar in shape and size to the Plan D but features an additional 8 ru center rack. Originally designed as a mastering console, the Plan E has found its way into the audio mixing environment with the introduction of DAWs and rack mountable faders like the Tonelux..
Ex Tax:$3,899.00
Brand: Sterling Modular Model: Plan F
The “Plan F” Console Designed for "multi function" studios that utilize the room for audio tracking, editing and mastering, the Plan F is large enough to load up with plenty of gear, a small format audio control surface and still have plenty of space for notes and remotes. The Plan F is available ..
Ex Tax:$4,499.00
Brand: Sterling Modular Model: Plan Uno
The “Plan Uno” Console The Plan Uno is a result of customer requests for a small footprint console that can be used when space is at a premium and gear requirements are minimal. The "Uno" is also useful as a side car to a larger console, or as an "all encompassing" DAW workstation with plenty of r..
Ex Tax:$1,699.00
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