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Brand: Avid Model: Artist Mix
Featuring eight touch-sensitive knobs and motorized faders in a compact footprint, Artist Mix is the perfect Artist Series controller for mixing audio. Artist Mix offers all the controls needed to quickly adjust audio levels, plug-in parameters, panning, automation modes, and much more with excellen..
Ex Tax:$995.00
Brand: Softube Model: CONSOLE 1 mkII
The Console 1 hardware gives you hands-on control of EQ, compressor, gate, volume and pan on all your tracks. No MIDI mapping is needed—the hardware is tightly integrated with the Console 1 software, straight out of the box. A unique centerpiece for any DAW based studio Included model of Solid..
Ex Tax:$499.00
Brand: Presonus Model: FaderPort
Touch your music. As great as DAWs are, it’s a drag to control the transport and create fades and automation with a mouse. Most musicians prefer a real fader and transport controls that they can touch. That’s why we created the FaderPort™, which connects to your computer via USB and delivers compl..
Ex Tax:$129.95
Brand: Avid Model: 9900-65676-00
Accelerate your editing and mixing tasks in creative new ways. Based on the advanced touchscreen workflows of the award-winning Pro Tools S6 and hybrid command of the bestselling Artist Control, Pro Tools Dock provides intelligent studio control in a portable, affordable surface. Working together wi..
Ex Tax:$995.00
Brand: Avid Model: Pro Tools S3 Control Surface Studio
S3 is a compact, EUCON-enabled, ergonomic desktop control surface that offers a streamlined yet versatile mixing solution for the modern sound engineer. Like S6, S3 delivers intelligent control over every aspect of Pro Tools and other DAWs, but at a more affordable price. While its small form factor..
Ex Tax:$4,999.00
Brand: Avid Model: 9935-65502-00
S6 M10 16-5, 16 Faders, 5 Knobs per channel..
Ex Tax:$33,995.00
Brand: Avid Model: 9935-65624-00
S6 M10 16-5-P, 16 Faders, 5 Knobs per channel, Producer Desk..
Ex Tax:$38,395.00
Brand: Avid Model: 9935-65626-00
S6 M10 16-5-P-L, 16 Faders, 5 Knobs per channel, Producer Desk, Leg Stand..
Ex Tax:$48,395.00
Brand: Avid Model: 9935-65503-00
S6 M10 24-5, 24 Faders, 5 Knobs per channel..
Ex Tax:$46,995.00
Brand: Avid Model: 9935-65625-00
S6 M10 24-5-P, 24 Faders, 5 Knobs per channel, Producer Desk..
Ex Tax:$51,395.00
Brand: Avid Model: 9935-65627-00
S6 M10 24-5-P-L, 24 Faders, 5 Knobs per channel, Producer Desk, Leg Stand..
Ex Tax:$62,395.00
Brand: Avid Model: 9935-65501-00
S6 M10 8-5,8 Faders, 5 Knobs per channel..
Ex Tax:$21,995.00
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