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Sub Woofer

Brand: Genelec Model: 7040APM
6.5" driver/ 50W, For use with 8010 & 8020 stereo systems only..
Ex Tax:$795.00
Brand: Genelec Model: 7050CPM
 8" driver/ 130W class D amplifier...
Ex Tax:$1,175.00
Brand: Genelec Model: 7071APM
2 x 12" drivers/ 500W...
Ex Tax:$4,495.00
Brand: Genelec Model: 7271APM
2 x 12" drivers / 500W. DSP Sub - AES/EBU Digital Audio Inputs ONLY...
Ex Tax:$6,295.00
Brand: Genelec Model: 7350APM
For powerful and accurate low-end support in a very compact package, the 7350A Smart subwoofer can’t be beaten.When space is limited but only the best possible results will do, the 7350A Smart subwoofer can be relied upon to deliver the low-end support you need in a remarkably small footprint.Design..
Ex Tax:$1,260.00
Brand: Genelec Model: 7260APM
10" driver / 300W. Six analog XLR Inputs, AES/EBU In/Out connectors...
Ex Tax:$2,565.00
Brand: Genelec Model: 7370APM
12" driver / 400W. Six analog XLR Inputs, AES/EBU In/Out connectors...
Ex Tax:$3,950.00
Brand: Presonus Model: Temblor T8
A solid foundation for mixing. Powerful and musical, Temblor® T10 active, front-firing subwoofers are designed to deliver fast and accurate transient response, extending low frequencies without a hint of “tubbiness” or overshoot. This ensures that Temblor-series subwoofers complement full-range mon..
Ex Tax:$399.95
Brand: Presonus Model: Temblor T8
A solid foundation for mixing. A subwoofer provides the extra-deep low frequencies you need when mixing on relatively small monitors, especially for music that requires serious low-end punch. Powerful and musical, Temblor® T8 active, downward-firing subwoofers are designed to deliver fast and accur..
Ex Tax:$329.95
Brand: Genelec Model: 7380AP
Delivering high SPL and extended LF response, the 7380 offers power, clarity and flexibility in equal measures.Delivering a level of performance normally associated with much larger enclosures, the 7380 subwoofer offers both high power and high SPL, with an extended low-distortion LF response and fl..
Ex Tax:$5,395.00
Brand: Genelec Model: 7382AP
With a frequency response down to 15 Hz, and a maximum SPL capability in excess of 130 dB, the 7382 is Genelec's most powerful subwoofer to date.Combining power and clarity with flexible calibration and bass management features, the 7382 is designed for use in recording studios, film mixing faciliti..
Ex Tax:$10,595.00
Brand: Presonus Model: AIR10
Each type of power amplifier has advantages and disadvantages. By employing different amplifier types for each driver, AIR10 loudspeakers use the respective strengths of Class D and Class A/B amplifiers to provide optimal response throughout the speaker's frequency range. A 500W (continuous), Class ..
Ex Tax:$599.95
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