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Brand: Avantone Model: P
The Avantone MixCubes are shielded, full-range mini reference monitors. Their design is inspired by the legacy of the 5C Sound Cubes used in virtually all-major studios for the last 25 years. Engineering Objective To build a full range, rugged, mini-reference monitor to replace the older, agi..
Ex Tax:$269.00
Brand: Avantone Model: PB
Passive (pair) Black MixCubes..
Ex Tax:$279.00
Brand: Avantone Model: PM
Single (1) Passive MixCube in Butter Cream Color..
Ex Tax:$139.00
Brand: Avantone Model: PMB
Single (1) Passive MixCube in Black Color..
Ex Tax:$149.00
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