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Brand: Josephson Engineering Model: C700S
Stereo pressure and gradient microphone (includes cables and Pelican brand hard case)..
Ex Tax:$7,635.00
Brand: Josephson Engineering Model: C715
Mechanically variable omni or cardioid (includes Pelican brand hard case)..
Ex Tax:$4,315.00
Brand: Josephson Engineering Model: C716
Series Seven microphones provide unprecedented flexibility in studio pickups with a variety of directional patterns. The C716 dual- diaphragm capsule is optimized for cardioid, and is ideal for vocal pickups and instrumentals where a warm, natural sound is needed with minimum acoustic coloration. Of..
Ex Tax:$4,535.00
Brand: Josephson Engineering Model: C725
Variable pattern vacuum tube hybrid microphone, includes power supply with pattern control and mode selector..
Ex Tax:$8,800.00
Brand: Pearl Microphone Lab Model: CB22
We like to think of the 22 series as our most allround models. The CB 22 is the figure-of-eight member of the 22 family. It uses Pearl's large, rectangular, dual membrane capsule. Its natural and uncoloured sound makes it an excellent choice for capturing the nuances and timbres of musical instrumen..
Ex Tax:$980.00
Brand: Pearl Microphone Lab Model: CC22
The Pearl CC22 is a cardiod condenser microphone without any switches. It uses the classic Pearl large rectangular dual membrane capsule, and is perfectly suited to studio and live applications. The CC22 offers a frequency response of 20Hz-25kHz, and requires 48V phantom power...
Ex Tax:$1,088.00
Brand: Ear Trumpet Labs Model: Chantelle
End-address large-diaphragm condenser with flexible pivoting body, very feedback resistant, excellent for live vocals and acoustic instruments. Chantelle was created to be the best available live vocal mic. She brings the clarity, warmth, and character of a large diaphragm capsule to a beautiful lo..
Ex Tax:$550.00
Brand: Pearl Microphone Lab Model: CO22
The Pearl CO22 uses the classic Pearl rectangular capsule configured in an omni-directional pattern. The high quality phantom powered preamplifier has very low noise levels making the CO 22 useful in many studio applications.The frequency response of the CO 22 is very flat on both "on" and "off" axi..
Ex Tax:$929.00
Brand: Pearl Microphone Lab Model: CT40
The CT40 and DT40 tube microphones from Pearl Microphone Labs combine the classic Pearl rectangular dual capsule, and quality Nuvistor vacuum tube resulting in a very flat, yet warm sound. The CT40 has a fixed Cardioid pattern while the DT40 can be configured for five different patterns to accommoda..
Ex Tax:$3,556.00
Brand: Ear Trumpet Labs Model: Custom Bicycle Gear
These custom one-of-a-kind models utilize a tea-ball capsule basket held in a spring suspension in a mid-sized reclaimed bike gear. Visually striking, singular and elegant. The mic body is built from heavy copper and brass plumbing components. Classic cardioid pattern, with excellent off-pattern re..
Ex Tax:$650.00
Brand: Pearl Microphone Lab Model: DS60
The Pearl DS60 condenser microphone is a multiple choice stereo microphone. It is the Pearl classic - designed in the '60s offering stereo recording in different modes. The mic contains two rectangular dual membrane capsules mounted one above the other 90 degrees apart. These capsules capture the nu..
Ex Tax:$6,560.00
Brand: Pearl Microphone Lab Model: DS70
The new PML DS 70 is a four channel multi pattern stereophonic microphone. It features Pearl’s legendary rectangular membrane capsules, optimized internal wiring and body as well as several innovations which will facilitate the use on on-site or studio recording and create a superior sound quality. ..
Ex Tax:$4,216.00
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