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Brand: Useful Arts Model: BF-1
The BF-1 is an all-purpose interface for any instrument with a pickup that enhances clarity, detail, audibility and dynamics whether used between the instrument and amp, the instrument and a PA or recording device or all of these at the same time. Whatever you plug into it just sounds better. This..
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Sigma Sound Studios DI
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Brand: Sigma Sound Studios Model: Sigma DI
History of the Sigma DI In 1967, before stock consoles and turn key studios, I and some believers, wire by wire, component by component built Sigmas first studio. Primitive by todays standards the console had just 12 inputs that fed a then state of the art 8 track tape machine. It was then that I..
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Brand: Useful Arts Model: BFS
The concept behind the BF-S is simple.  We took the audio circuitry of the BF-1 and coupled it with the linear power supply from the SFP-60.  The result?  Astounding clarity, headroom and noise specs that only come with the nearly-noiseless high voltage that a linear power supply can ..
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Brand: Useful Arts Model: Hornet
The idea behind the Hornet is simple: give people an affordable, portable preamp/DI that can go toe to toe with any of the $1000+ preamps on the market.  After years of development, it’s here.  An ultra low-noise front end that gives signal the creamy thickness, bite and power that built-i..
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