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Brand: Universal Audio Model: 6176
6176 Vintage Channel Strip A Classic Tube Microphone Preamp and 1176-Style Compressor in a Single Unit. The 6176 Vintage Channel Strip combines the alluring, all-tube sounds of the legendary Bill Putnam-designed 610 microphone preamp, with the signature FET compression of our 1176LN, to create..
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Brand: Thermionic Culture Ltd. Model: Earlybird 2.2
The Earlybird 2.2 is a two channel all valve pre-amp employing a balanced push-pull circuit, which as far as we know, is unique in this application. The use of this type of circuit gives very low noise and plenty of headroom with minimal distortion. These factors coupled with a switchable input impe..
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Brand: Universal Audio Model: LA-610 MkII
LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel A Classic Tube Microphone Preamp & LA-2A-Style Compressor in a Single Unit The LA-610 MkII combines an all-tube, vintage mic preamp design heard on classic albums ranging from The Beach Boys Pet Sounds to Van Halen I with authentic Teletronix T4..
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Brand: Joemeek Model: oneQ2
The Joemeek oneQ is the most full-featured, technologically advanced studio channel we've ever made! A single channel combining Mic Pre (with Burr-Brown IC), four band EQ, the most flexible of any Joemeek ever, our "signature" optical compressor, De-Esser, and Enhancer, it's a master channel like..
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Brand: Retro Instruments Model: Powerstrip
Powerstrip Recording Channel Product Description The Retro Powerstrip recording channel is a high powered "channel strip" or "vintage studio in a box", capturing the tone of a tube mixing desk, Pultec-style tube EQ and British tube compressor all in one compact 2u rack unit. It has all t..
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Brand: Thermionic Culture Ltd. Model: Rooster 2
The Rooster 2 is a 2 channel all valve preamp with EQ and distortion controls. It is designed for a wide range of applications and can produce a large range of tones, harmonic distortion and subtle dynamic control. The pre-amp section can be used to add gain to mic, line or DI input signals. The ..
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Brand: Millennia Model: STT-1
Twin Mic Preamps M-2B vacuum tube or HV-3 discrete solid state Twin NSEQ-2 Mastering-Grade Parametric Eqs vacuum tube or discrete solid state Three Opto Compressor/Limiter Paths TCL vacuum tube, discrete solid state, passive Twin Opto De-Esser Paths vacuum tube or discrete solid state Vacuum tu..
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Brand: JZ Microphones Model: Track
JZ Track is 1U mono unit Pre-amplifier completed with De-Esser, Compressor / Limiter stage, 3-band EQ stage, output stage with metering. Complete solution to record awesome vocals and instruments. This unit is made by SPL in Germany after JZ Microphones specifications. It is made to perfectly match ..
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HAZELRIGG INDUSTRIES VLCMicrophone / Line / DI Preamplifier; LC EqualizerAmplifier and power supply designed and licensed by D.W.FearnTransformer coupled input and outputAll-tube signal pathPassive EQCustom-wound InductorDedicated line inputFront panel Mic/DI inputLocking +48V safety switch5 year wa..
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Brand: Heritage Audio Model: BRITSTRIP
BRITISH-SPEC CHANNEL STRIP WITH DIODE BRIDGE COMPRESSOR 50 YEARS OF ANALOG DESIGN IN ONE RACK SPACE.Introducing the Heritage Audio BritStrip — the culmination of 50 years of analog design in a single rack unit. Britstrip nails the sound of yesterday’s iconic recordings for today’s demanding eng..
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Brand: Heritage Audio Model: HA-81A
The best of both worlds.Introducing Heritage Audio’s HA-81A: a new mix of 2 classic console´s circuits.The HA-81A Elite is a channel strip that combines an all discrete, Class-A 73-style mic preamp with an extremely versatile and musical console style equalizer — arguably the trick for obtaining ins..
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Brand: Heritage Audio Model: HA73EQ
The HA73EQ Elite is made to the same specifications as the acclaimed 73JR, 73EQJR and DMA73 Heritage Audio models at a price never heard before.Leveraging the expertise and reputation obtained with its popular hand wired, extremely time-consuming hand soldered series, HA is able to offer a zero comp..
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