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Brand: IGS Model: iQ. Inductor Equalizer
IGS IQ Equalizer is a modern application of the noble sound of analog equalizers. This very precise, parametric equalizer works great on every stage of production. It can add marvelous color to the signal, while maintaining the whole character of the original sound. This is a unique phenomenon possi..
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Brand: Thermionic Culture Ltd. Model: Kite EQ
Features include:All controls are stereo except O/P TRIM and are indented for easy recall;'HPF (High Pass Filter) operates at 20 & 40Hz with a 12dB/octave curve;BASS BOOST and BASS CUT both have 2 selectable operating frequencies,which can be used together for a Mid Cut effect;TOP SHELF is a bro..
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Brand: Thermionic Culture Ltd. Model: Kite EQ- B
Kite Stereo EQ with Attitude Balanced..
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Brand: Thermionic Culture Ltd. Model: Swift EQ-B
This two channel equaliser had been designed to be as much at home in tracking individual instruments or sitting across a stereo mix buss to equalise the final mix. As with other units of ours, such as The Phoenix, all controls are clearly labelled and setting up the eq is quick and easy, so we name..
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Brand: IGS Model: Tilt n Bands
Once when I was a little boy, I heard my uncle's equalizer which he built into his stereo. The sound was incredible. I still remember it to this day. Three potentiometers gave it a sound that I'd never heard before. I couldn't stop listening to the sound that his compact payer made.I asked my uncle ..
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