How often do you get to have 18 different microphones to test side-by-side? From basic studio workhorses like Neumann to more exotic choices like Soundfield, Blue, Horch, Coles or Gefels? Studio Logic is offering a free download to engineers, musicians and producers that will allow them to literally try out a wide range of mics without leaving the seat behind their console. Offered on the download, all performances were captured at 96K and can be imported into your DAW for review. 

This shoot-out comparison allows the listener to preview a variety of microphones on piano, vocals and acoustic guitar. Recorded at a top East Coast recording facility in the New York City area, the test is a simple comparison recorded through an SSL 9000 K series console with no compression and no EQ. Recorded into a Digidesign 192 audio interface at 96K to a Pro Tools HD Accel system, each microphone was put at the same angle and distance from the source. Each performance was done for each microphone.

Microphones included in the comparison range is retail price from $100.00 to over $5,000.00 This download will allow the producer or engineer to make the choices that sound best to their ear or for a particular application.

Featured Microphones


Horch RM2J


Neumann M147

Blue Bottle

Neumann M149

Blue Dragonfly

Neumann Solution D

Blue Kiwi

Neumann U87

Coles 4038

Sennheiser MD421

Gefel M990

Shure SM57

Gefel UM92.1S

Sony C800G

Gefel UMT 70


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